In the Meadow

Woods, Fairy, Canoe on Stone Lake


May 21, 2023

Playful Exploration When was the last time you got lost in a creative and fun activity? The Fairy Glade offers an invitation to remember the playfulness of childhood and gives permission to play again.  Play is serious business! Play is easy to spot in a neighborhood park or beach, but what does play look like…

Natures Chapel


April 15, 2023

by Nicole Rasmussen As Spring arrives, Nature’s Chapel in the woods is a favorite spot for our guests and worth the trek. With benches and a set-apart feel, this place offers an invitation to linger. The sound-absorbing snow is gone; the acoustics of the woods shift as growth and new life awaken. Debris from the…

sunrise through trees


March 16, 2023

Featured site: Serenity Path is a half-mile round trip foot path off the trail loop that follows the southern shoreline of Stone Lake. Life Journey Series*Nicole Rasmussen Maybe we brace for winter, but what can we embrace before it leaves?PauseWinter is on its way out. (For many, this can not come soon enough!) But before the snow melts and we…

The Bridge at Charlson Meadows

The Bridge

February 4, 2023

Life Journey Series Featured site: Our Bridge is located on an isthmus surrounded by wildlife and wetlands. See the Life Journey Map for more details about our Life Journey Program and how you can come to see it for yourself. The Bridge A bridge has a clear purpose. It allows us to get where we need to go…

fall colors

Living From a Grateful Heart

November 10, 2022

 Life Journey Series Featured site: Hidden Heart Haven is tucked in the woods past the Wisdom Tree.   Living from a Grateful Heart is a Choice.Since every day isn’t picture perfect, extra effort may be required to find something good. The investment of looking to find something – even if it is little – is a valuable process. It builds an expectation for…

Wisdom Tree

September 27, 2022

Life Journey Series by Nicole RasmussenOur new series will highlight the Life Journey Program. Developed by Sharon Franquemont, these unique spaces on the land are intended to foster a meaningful connection with nature and hold space for self-reflection and growth. See our online Interactive Life Journey Map to learn more.  Wisdom Tree“The invariable mark of wisdom is to…

Life Journey

August 11, 2022

Welcome to Charlson Meadows’ Life Journey ProgramBy Sharon Franquemont Have you ever been inspired, renewed, or relaxed by interacting with nature? If so, you are right. Abundant research results confirm nature’s contribution to people’s health and wellness. Creativity, sense of purpose, and belonging are enhanced. Depression, anxiety, and stress are reduced. If you have not experienced this…

Meet Alex, Facilities Staff

July 20, 2022

Optimism is a gift, and Alex has it to share.He sees beauty in all of nature, including the animals, the birds – even the insects at Charlson Meadows. (That is optimism on display!)  Alex is the newest member of our team. We can thank Trevor for introducing him. They have been friends since fifth grade! His background experience is in construction, machining,…

Kim Boelter, Charlson Meadows Staff

May 21, 2022

Kim Boelter, Charlson Meadows Staff You may meet Kim in the kitchen, or near the Chalet where she greets guests for the Reflective Walks. Maybe you will meet her while she’s in the garden, or making the Nancy Nelson Lake House sparkle. She came on staff two years ago to prepare the Lake House for guests, and as a hard worker with…

Trevor Luedke, Facilities Staff

April 21, 2022

Trevor Luedke, Facilities Staff “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney Have you enjoyed the view or a fire at Council Point? You can thank Trevor. Starting in middle school, he spent summers removing buckthorn with a group of friends who affectionately became known as the…