Let‘s Leap - 7


The joyful expectation of good.

Hope is a verb.

Not just a wish or desire, hope is actionable. More than an emotion, it is knowing your tomorrow can be better than your today, and you have the power to make it so. When we have a hopeful mindset, we show up with strength to meet challenges in our way. 

Hope can be learned. 

How high is your “hope score?” Have you had yours checked? Because Chan Hellman at The Hope Research Center established that levels of hope are the best overall indicator of well-being, it is worth considering. His research shows a hopeful mindset is a skill set that can be learned and practiced like a habit.

Hope is a good investment.

Gratitude is a gateway to positive emotions, according to Dr. Robert Emmons. So if living with hope is challenging, consider priming the pump with gratitude. Lift your sights. Use gratitude to stir your expectations. Look for hope beyond your circumstances. Starting your day with a hopeful mindset is powerful and worth the effort.

Hope is a gift to be shared. 

We are confident that bright blue skies and lush green foliage will return in a matter of months. While we wait, we can help build hope for ourselves and those around us by practicing the habit of hope.

Take it to Heart:

  • What are you holding hope for in 2024?
  • Where can you see hope displayed in nature?
  • Who can you share hope within your family or community?

by Nicole Rasmussen, Program Director

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