Natures Chapel


by Nicole Rasmussen

As Spring arrives, Nature’s Chapel in the woods is a favorite spot for our guests and worth the trek. With benches and a set-apart feel, this place offers an invitation to linger.

The sound-absorbing snow is gone; the acoustics of the woods shift as growth and new life awaken. Debris from the fall sinks to nourish the soil, and new growth pushes upwards. In a matter of days it transitions from a palette of browns and grays to bright greens and brilliant blue skies reflecting on the lakes again.

Like a trek deeper into the Chapel in the Woods, we can look deeper into the personal sanctuary of our hearts. Let the emotional lift of the sunshine and warmer temperatures encourage personal growth.

New things may be awakening within you. Maybe it is a new idea or path to pursue. Is there something to clear away to make room for further growth? Invest in the clean-up: the reward will be worth it. Discover what is waiting below the surface, and let the momentum of Spring inspire new growth within you.

Take it to Heart

  • Step outside for a walk with the intention of noticing the freshness of Spring.
  • Linger when something catches your intention. Look a little longer to observe details more closely.
  • As you walk, consider what is ready to awaken in you. It could be an idea or an emotion, or an entirely new path to explore. Invest in making room for further growth following nature’s lead.
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