Charlson Meadows front door

The Gift of a Welcome

Over the last year, we have had the opportunity to welcome almost 4,000 guests across our threshold. As a Foundation, our mission is to serve the servers of our community with inspiring spaces and gracious hospitality. We believe people are a good investment, and we honor each guest that arrives at our door.

What does this look like? A warm greeting and an opportunity to highlight their value in the community – not just for the service they offer, but for who they are as a unique person. Our guests are the kind of people who extend their hearts in service to others. When they arrive here, we intend to let a prepared space and a warm welcome be a tangible gift of gratitude. We want our guests to feel seen and recognized at Charlson Meadows.

As we wrap up our 2023 calendar, we celebrate the wonderful people who spent time here. We enjoy seeing their impact and delight when we hear about the new ideas, dreams, and connections they developed while they were here.

We look forward to more opportunities to serve in the year ahead!

by Nicole Rasmussen, Program Director