Wisdom Tree

Life Journey Series
by Nicole Rasmussen
Our new series will highlight the Life Journey Program. Developed by Sharon Franquemont, these unique spaces on the land are intended to foster a meaningful connection with nature and hold space for self-reflection and growth. See our online Interactive Life Journey Map to learn more. 

Wisdom Tree
“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Miracles surround us 
From a simple tomato plant in the Giving Garden to the stately Wisdom Tree in the heart of the woods, each makes its way through the cycle of seasons. The weather, the moisture level, and the length of days all instruct their response and inform their display. Faithfully, autumn is coming. Each step is worthy of note. 

Miracles in tiny packages
Our Giving Garden was planted with about 2 cups of seeds. It has already produced more than a thousand pounds of fresh veggies, and we still have more weeks to harvest! Renee, who leads this project, expects to surpass our goal of 2,000 pounds. Miracles wrapped in a tiny package!

Miracles in the Faithful Wisdom Tree
Tucked in the interior of our trail is a favorite stop for many guests. The Wisdom Tree has piqued the interest of poets, painters, and photographers who tune into the gifts it offers. The Wisdom Tree faithfully moves through each season, even if we fail to notice. There are miracles in the faithfulness of this routine. 

Wisdom is a gift worth pursuing with our time and attention.
We have an opportunity to enter this new season with intention. The miracles that arrive with the new season could be missed if we are distracted by new routines and pumpkin spice lattes. 
Let’s open our eyes to the subtle shifts and enjoy more of the common details.

A surprise!
The instructive Ralph Waldo Emerson quote was featured on our last Reflective Walk. We had a fun surprise when one of our guests was his descendant!

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