A recent guest discovered the kaleidoscopes


A recent guest was enamored by one of our kaleidoscopes and shared the simple joy.

When looking into a kaleidoscope, we focus and shut out other distractions. With a simple lifting of the chin or lowering of the gaze, we can enjoy a new display. Each peek is unique and temporary. From simple trinkets to grand pieces of art, kaleidoscopes delight the curious.

At a recent writer’s retreat, we spent time with kaleidoscopes. It was just a few minutes together, sharing a simple joy. When we passed around the kaleidoscopes, no two people saw the same image. We all saw a different view because of our position to the light in the room, our different heights, and whatever was before us. It was the moment of sharing in a simple joy that was a gift.

Each of our retreats is a set apart time with a unique mix of guests that won’t be duplicated. It is the same in any gathering; unique people are together at a single moment. We can savor these opportunities by being present, looking to enjoy the beauty that is in front of us. By focusing our attention and shutting out other distractions, we can see with greater detail, savor the moment, and enjoy being together.

Take it to Heart:
Simply lifting your chin gives you a new pattern in a kaleidoscope. Would you benefit from taking another look at a situation with your head lifted?
Look, then look a little longer. Simply enjoy the scene in front of you.
What is beautiful around you? How can you share that joy with others?

by Nicole Rasmussen, Program Director