Seasons Greetings

Simple Gifts

Gift of Ease

There’s a beauty in embracing simplicity above the rush of the holiday season. Often, the best gifts are the quiet moments shared with loved ones. Consider simplifying traditions, focusing on meaningful connections and establishing the pace you want to maintain. Let simplicity amplify the warmth of your connection.

Gift of Connection

In the hustle, the true gift of the holidays is in fostering genuine connections. With days steeped in technology, this season offers a chance to disconnect from screens and reconnect with those who matter most.

Gift of Presence

In the traditional flurry of gift-giving and festive cheer, create moments celebrating togetherness. Sharing the gift of connection is a beautiful way to serve those in our community who may be isolated or needing extra support. Whether it’s through a heartfelt conversation, a shared laugh, or a simple gesture of love, the holidays offer time to enjoy the beauty of connection.

Take it to heart:

  • Savor the gift of connecting.
  • Decide what adjectives you want to describe your Holliday season.
  • Does your calendar reflect your intention for how you want to invest the holidays?

by Nicole Rasmussen, Program Director