S'mores, Smiles

Fun – A Worthy Pursuit

Finding fun

With the sharp turn of the weather, we say goodbye to the colored leaves and fall festivities. Did you get all of the fun out of fall? The arrival of snowflakes marks the next season and new opportunities for creating fun.

Make memories 

When we are at play, we feel the most alive and fully engaged. Moments of play make up some of our best memories. Remember childhood days when you could get lost in an activity? As adults, fun allows us to escape the daily routine and drama for a while. Enjoy the gift of fun and make new memories. 

A wise investment

We should be intentional to have fun. “Play is fun, natural and necessary. It will make better people and a better world,” says David Kelley from the Institute for Design at Stanford University. That sounds beneficial. Finding or creating fun may require effort, but it is a wise investment. Just a little bit of fun does wonders for mood and outlook. It sharpens the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul. 

Don’t stop

Fun is a powerful way to connect to our own hearts and with others. “When we stop playing, we have fewer opportunities to take pleasure in the world around us,” instructs Kevin Carol. Laughter, stirring up creativity, conversations, games, and hobbies bring joy.  We have a choice to add fun to our days, which may include simply changing our perspective to find it. 

Take it to Heart:

  • Before your holiday calendar fills, consider what fun looks like in this season.
  • Brainstorm a list of all the things you could do for fun (besides coming to our Open House!). 
  • Set your intention to find fun and include someone in the joy.

by Nicole Rasmussen, Program Director