Osprey in their nest, Labyrinth

Float First

An osprey fledge doesn’t topple out of the nest and soar. They begin floating above the perch, catching a feel for the wind. As strength and stamina grow, the bird can increase the duration and height of their test flights. At this point, they still require a parent to deliver food to the nest tower. 

Soaring Requires Space

Wisely, ospreys create their nests in wide open spaces far above their predators. With fewer obstacles impeding their flight path, speed increases, and flight distance expands. Yet, still, they rely on others to feed them until they develop the skill of diving.  

Let Go

Their unusually wide wing span of 4 – 5 feet serves them in flight and diving. Their oily feathers allow the water to roll over their body, preventing them from becoming waterlogged as they dive up to three feet below the water’s surface. Since their diet is primarily fish, this is imperative! They feed themselves only after they develop the skill of diving into the water. 

Learn to Soar

Like the osprey fledgling, we can intentionally develop our observing and listening skills to the elements around us. We can ensure there is room to expand our capabilities. And we can let barriers and challenges roll right off our backs, not allowing them to pull us down. 

Take it to Heart:

  • Experiment with a grounding practice like deep breathing and giving your attention to noticing your surrounding with great detail.
  • Consider your unique gifts and attributes; how do they serve you?
  • What doors (or opportunities) can they open for you?
  • How can you use your gifts and experience to serve others? 
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