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Who’s in Your Circle?

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Featured site: Council Point sits on a peninsula in Lake Zumbra. A campfire ring with a wide circle of 21 seats honors the tradition of storytellers and tribal councils. 

Have you considered who makes up your circle of influence? It could be family, mentors, friends, community leaders, or fictional characters. Today, access to online influencers seems limitless. What voices have formed the foundation of your identity, fueling personal growth and shaping your journey? Where do you see wisdom passed down through time or sparks of interest with new ideas? These are the voices that shape our perspectives, values, and aspirations. 

We should be choosey.

Not every voice has served us well. Consider turning down the volume on sources that are not helping you flourish. Select the influences that instruct, inspire, and challenge you. Surround yourself with voices that encourage growth and add strength. Cherish them, learn from them, and honor the journey they have guided you through.

Who or what else do you wish to include for your future?

Is it time to welcome some new voices into your circle? It might be a new friend, thought leader, or teacher. Search for people with ideas that will serve you well for the season ahead. By consciously choosing the voices that resonate, we can Invite new perspectives and experiences. These intentional decisions will be part of your story and open opportunities as you sit in someone else’s circle and invest in others. 

Take it to Heart:

  • What voices make up your circle? Can you name 21?
  • Express gratitide to those who have helped you form your foundation.
  • Extend an invitation to new voices to help shape your future.

by Nicole Rasmussen

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