Making Space for Rest

February is already here!
If January has come and gone and your New Years’ resolutions dropped off your to-do list, you have a fresh opportunity to start again!  Your calendar has more empty spaces today than it will the rest of the year. Consider taking some time to add self-care to your calendar to set you up for a healthier you by the end of the year.

We would all benefit from including a few spaces to rest. Look ahead and block out a long day to do nothing. Yes, nothing. Maybe that looks like catching up on much-needed sleep or flipping through books that have piled up on the nightstand. No expectations for a day- a whole day. Block off a couple of those calendar squares now, and you will enjoy the breathing room later in the year.

Then consider adding some time in your calendar to reflect, ponder or dream. This time could be such a gift to find when you flip to the next month’s calendar page. Plan to head to a favorite coffee shop or curl up in your coziest chair with a notebook and a pen.  

How about blocking off some squares for fun? Maybe this means saving time in the future weeks for dinner out with friends, a trivia night at the local hot spot or a gathering for games around your own dining room table.  What sounds like play to you? 

If you plan for it and protect it, the time you set aside for self-care may just be the best gift you can give yourself this year.
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