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Look Up

Look up!
A walk has the power to change your perspective. It is a simple pleasure more cherished than it was last spring. The view will be varied as we step onto a paved city block, suburban trail, or gravel path, but the shift in scenery is beneficial to everyone. Zoom fatigue is a new phrase to add to our lexicon in 2020. Kids and adults may face a screen more than ever this year. But when we take time for a walk, fresh air and oxygen will fire up the brain, and the change in view can help you make a shift. 

Just like we have a choice about the messages we allow to shape our perspective, a walk in nature, where we can see our place in the vast universe, can call us back to the center.  What hope can be found on a walk? Lift your eyes. The artistry of the sky over the course of day and night has a rhythm we can rely on to remain on course. The shift in the nuances of color, the movement of cloud forms, or the simplicity of wide-open space when the day is clear-we share this. It is common to us all. Isn’t that a wonderful gift! 

What will the world look like tomorrow? We will have to wait that out together. Today we can choose our attitude. We can decide if we will look for connection and move forward together or we can dwell in fear and concern. Lift your eyes from the cares of the day. Take a break. Even on the cloudiest days, the radiance of the sun is still present on the other side. As summer unfolds there are sunnier days ahead.

 Look up to enjoy the beauty of color, texture, and brightness the sky offers at that moment.  It will never be the same. Make the powerful decision to change your scenery and change your perspective when you need it. It is a powerful gift right outside your door.

Nicole Rasmussen
Program Director
Photo by Ronda Redmond, a guest for our Writer’s Retreat
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