Meet Kurt, Facilities Manager

Kurt stokes the fire for cooking our maple sap.

“If we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke“ – Quote found at the Tonka Toy Factory

Meet Curt Sandquist
As our Facilities Manager, Curt Sandquist is the keeper of the to-do list. When a property has eight buildings and 142 acres that list is never-ending. Curt leads the team that is the first to arrive to open our buildings, and keeps Charlson Meadows ready to receive our guests with the excellence we wish to provide.

The team is called on for projects from construction to deconstruction, building bonfires, tending gardens, boiling maple sap, and relocating snakes. Being raised on a farm helped to prepare Curt with the range of skills needed for fixing broken things and keeping Charlson Meadows running smoothly. That wide variety of tasks is one of the reasons Curt loves his job.

As a guest, you may not see Curt, but he has a warm smile and is always quick to lend a hand when needed. At the end of March, exactly 13 years from his start date, Curt will be retiring and working on a new list. This one will define his retirement life with his wife Pat. They have trips already booked. He will see country music concerts with his daughters Jennifer and Jessica and have more time for his love of hunting and fishing. 

One of Curt’s favorite memories started with a vacation gone wrong. When he shared about the week of mishaps like sweltering heat, storms, days without power in the cabin, and bad fishing it was clear his week away was no retreat. To Curt’s surprise, Nancy offered him a do-over vacation!

Curt’s faithful ability to anticipate what needs attention and promptness to complete tasks is an asset. His kind and modest nature is appreciated. I guarantee Gracie, the machine shop cat, won’t be the only one to miss him.

Curt’s Favorites

  • Place at Charlson Meadows: In the woods
  • Favorite Lyric: “My heroes have always been cowboys” – Willie Nelson Song
  • Ice Cream: Chocolate
  • Produce from our Garden: Raspberries
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